Solve Engineering Mathematics Problem Online for Free

From the very beginning Maths has been the Problem for Problem Solving for me.
I was never Good with Numbers the freak me out, and I know there are many like me.
For People Like me and People who are more into mathematics there are many online resources are like your Digital Pals that teach you with patience without binding you to a confined space or time.

1.Mathway -Quick Solutions

One of the Online Portal is, powerd by  Bagatrix Solveed technology.It provides problem solving resources and tools for everyone. The features and functionality remains simple and easy to handle. It handles subjects and solutions with effortless tricks that immediately clicks and you decipher the conclusion in seconds.

You can Solve Problems in algebra,trigonometry,calculus statistics and more and it also has got its mobile app.Isn't it cool.
visit Mathway


WebMATH is another Maths Problem Solver Site Which Solves Complex Math Problems.
Webmath is a math-help web site that generates answers to specific math questions and problems, as entered by a user, at any particular moment. The math answers are generated and displayed real-time, at the moment a web user types in their math problem and clicks "solve." In addition to the answers, Webmath also shows the student how to arrive at the answer.

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3.WolframAlpha -Getting it Step by Step

 One of my favorite website WolframAlpha.yet another tool; I would rather call it a Mathematics dictionary. It gives you step-wise solutions to your problems and tells you in detail, whatever more you want to know about Maths.
 visit WolframAlpha

4.EEWeb -Not Just Maths

Online Mathematics portals are not only the need-of-the hour for school students but are also a necessity for engineers. Thus, EEWeb tells you more on analog and RF designs, Embeds, Digital IC’s electromechanics, etc. The website focuses on serving to need of all engineers. You can calculate with swift strokes on the online scientific calculator at the same time voice out and clear your doubts on an interactive forum.
EEWeb also comes in handy if you are looking for job openings in your engineering field. You can look up opportunities by the companies, region, job types and tags.
Visit EEWeb

Do you have used any such service already? let us know via your comments below.

Use your Mobile Headphones as Computer Mic

Many a Times we need mic urgently but we run out of it.I mean who will buy a mic for occasional reasons.
Sometimes at our Home Function or may be a small party we need a mic and we don't have,what would you scream in front of everybody and let your throat swell. I got a solution for you guys,If you have use Headphones or ear buds or earplugs then the following trick might be useful for you.

1) Plug your headphones/ear buds/earplugs into your mic jack on the CPU.
2) Go to Start->Control Panel->Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices/ Sounds and Audio Devices. Now under the audio tab, make sure that the sound recording setting is set to your sound card. For best results turn the volume of the sound recording up to full. Similarly go to the voice tab now and change the voice recording in the same way.
3) Open the sound recorder, Start->All Programs->Accessories->Entertainment, select sound recorderr.
4) Just press the record button and start recording your masterpiece.
Note that depending on the brand of headphones/ear buds/earplugs that you are using, you may have to put them fairly closer to your mouth to record the voice properly.


Now Apply Winamp Skins to VLC Media Player

VLC media player is no doubt the best media player available today. It is sometimes called the Swiss Army Knife of media applications because it supports almost every audio and video format out there. But when it comes to looks, it only comes with a boring default skin. Here’s a trick by which you can use any winamp classic skin on vlc media player-
Start vlc player as usual and click on Settings->Switch Interface->Skins 2.

how to apply winamp classic skins on vlc player
This will automatically load a slightly modern looking skin,

using winamp classic skins with vlc

Right click on empty space on this skin (just like winamp) , choose Select Skin, and click on Open.

how to use winamp 2 skins with vlc media player

Browse to the folder where your winamp classic skins are located and choose appropriate skin

choose a good winamp skin to apply on vlc media player

That’s it, your vlc media player is now looking like an ultra cool jukebox (ok, not ultra cool but much better then the boring default skin :) )

vlc player after winamp skin has been applied

Note 1 – You will notice that as soon as you restart the vlc media player, the new skin is gone. Change the following settings to keep the skins persistent,
1. Start VLC Media Player.
2. Go to the Settings -> Preferences.
(For older versions of vlc player, go to the Menu -> Tools -> Preferences)
3. On the Preferences window, click on Main Interface -> Skins button.
4. Check the Advanced Options box.
5. Save the settings.

apply winamp skins on vlc media player forever

Note 2 – To find winamp classic skins of your choice,
1. Go to
2. Search for the genre of the skin you want (for instance search for game, to find out skins related to gaming)
3. In the search results, click on Classic Skins, to force it to display only classic skins.

how to find winamp classic skins easily

4. Now only classic skins will be displayed. Choose and download appropriate skin.
That’s it. Enjoy the all new vlc media player.

How to Set Video as your Wallpaper

The Static Image Wallpaper are now Old Fashioned and have become Boring.As we Want New Everyday in our Life lets try something new ,How about setting video as your Desktop Wallpaper?
Isn't it Sound Cool and Awesome.You can also Showoff before your Friends.
So here is the Trick using the VLC media player. Here’s the procedure,

Use Vlc to Set Video As a Wallpaper

1. I assume that you already have VLC media player installed. If not, then you can get it from this page. Download and install it. The start it.
2. Go to Tools > Preferences. Select the video tab from the left panel of the preferences window. Now in the Output drop down list, choose DirectX video output. Click on the save button.


 3. Restart VLC.

 4. Now just play any video using the VLC media player. Once the video starts playing, click on Video > DirectX Wallpaper, and minimize the VLC window. You’ll immediately see the video set as wallpaper. You can work normally and the video wallpaper will behave just like a normal wallpaper.

If you want your old static wallpaper back, then uncheck the DirectX Wallpaper in the VLC media player (Video > DirectX Wallpaper).
Also, If you are using the Windows Aero Themes, then it will automatically revert to basic theme because of the DirectX output. But don’t worry, you can easily turn on the Aero theme after you are done with this little game

I would suggest to set videos like Nature videos or default Video you get with Windows 7.That looks Cool
So Enjoy your New Video Wallpaper and Start Boosting lol.

Conevrt Google into ASCII Art

Here comes another Easter Egg of Google -GOOGLE ASCII ART

As you all know ASCII art is a Graphic Image created using only 98 printable characters out of 128 ASCII characters.
Below is the Sample Image of ASCII art conversion of Bob Marley.

BOB Marley,Ascii,art,singer
BOB Marley
Earlier “ASCII artists” created these art forms using just a text editor. However these days there are many software available that convert any image into ASCII art almost instantly.
Now, time for a lesser known Easter egg of Google. If you search the term ASCII art in Google, its logo itself turns into ASCII art.

Google Logo,Easter EGG,ASCII,LOGO
Google ASCII Art

Go to Google and try yourself.