Use your Mobile Headphones as Computer Mic

Many a Times we need mic urgently but we run out of it.I mean who will buy a mic for occasional reasons.
Sometimes at our Home Function or may be a small party we need a mic and we don't have,what would you scream in front of everybody and let your throat swell. I got a solution for you guys,If you have use Headphones or ear buds or earplugs then the following trick might be useful for you.

1) Plug your headphones/ear buds/earplugs into your mic jack on the CPU.
2) Go to Start->Control Panel->Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices/ Sounds and Audio Devices. Now under the audio tab, make sure that the sound recording setting is set to your sound card. For best results turn the volume of the sound recording up to full. Similarly go to the voice tab now and change the voice recording in the same way.
3) Open the sound recorder, Start->All Programs->Accessories->Entertainment, select sound recorderr.
4) Just press the record button and start recording your masterpiece.
Note that depending on the brand of headphones/ear buds/earplugs that you are using, you may have to put them fairly closer to your mouth to record the voice properly.