Get SMS Alert When your Special One's are Online on Facebook

Ya its True!
It happens that many a times that we are waiting for long time on facebook ,refreshing our chat windows again and again ,desperately waiting for someone to come online, so we can chat,but many a times we are put down and may be the timing is not perfect,sometimes you come online and they go offline.
ya lot of such problems.
But today I have brought you a solution to all your problems.
Chat Alert

Chat Alert 
yes,Char Alert is an awesome Facebook Application that informs you whenever the friend you are interested is online.Its a Free Application but has some Limitations.Its free up to certain only 5 Persons and paid for adding more Friend.This Application Alerts you in three ways by SMS, e-Mail and Facebook message.Facebook Message and Mail is Free of Cost but for mobile you have to notify by Mobile SMS then it has to be paid.
But don't get Discouraged I have tweaked this by getting SMS alert whenever I receive a Message From Facebook or You can also get SMS alert whenever you receive a new mail in your Inbox from specific person so I think you people are that smart to find out how or may be If you are not then you can see here -How to Get SMS alert for Free when you Receive Urgent Email .

To Activate CHAT ALERT  Click Here
  • Allow the Application to access your Profile
  • Set your Friend from your Friend List(Free For 5 Friends Only)
  • Enjoy Chatting with your Friends and Special One's ans Surprise them by telling "What a Coincidence ! lol".

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