This Cristmas Google's Amazing Easter Eggs

This Christmas Google has a surprise for you.Actually Google is Well know for its creativity like Doodles , Easter Eggs and many funny and interesting things.
So,This Christmas Google has inserted Three new and amazing Easter Eggs.If you search for terms like "Christmas", "Hanukkah" and "Festivus"
Christmas,Jesus,Google,Easter Eggs
Christmas Easter Egg
Hanukkah,Google,Easter Eggs

Festivus,Google,Easter Eggs

We all know that The Festival of Christmas is well know,But many of us dont know about Hanukkah and Festivus. 'Hanukkah' is a Jewish holiday and called the festival of lights. Festivus is celebrated by some purists who do not like the commercialization of Christmas holiday.

So this Christmas Enjoy Google's Easter Eggs with crunchy  Cookies.
Merry Christmas!!!!!